Jim Wright “The Real James Bond”


Jim Wright is an author, blogger, freelance writer and “The Bird Watcher” columnist for The Record in Northern New Jersey. He was a Trustee at the New Jersey Nature Conservancy for 9 years, and he is the author of several books, including “The Nature of the Meadowlands,” “Hawk Mountain.” “Jungle of the Maya” and “In the Presence of Nature.” Jim Wright’s latest book, “The Real James Bond” was recently released by Schiffer Books.  Wright packs so much information into his book about birds and James Bond 007 creator, Ian Fleming and the real life ornithologist, Jim Bond, whose name Fleming “stole” to use for his fictional British Secret Service agent!  But what does come as a surprise is that this mild mannered pipe-smoking ornithologist, Jim Bond, is cunning and ruthless and determined to be the pre-eminent expert in his field. And there are some fascinating revelations and photos in Jim Wright’s book, including the Real James Bond meeting Ian Fleming at Fleming’s home in Jamaica!

The Real James Bond: A True Story of Identity Theft, Avian Intrigue, and Ian Fleming by 
Jim Wright
 Published in hard cover by Schiffer Books   

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Cuban Tody by JIm

Cuban Tody. Photograph courtesy of © Jim Wright


James “Jim” Bond

JB @ Academy w Birds

Jim Bond cataloging his birds at The Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia


Bond Meets Fleming

Jim Bond (left) with Ian Fleming at Fleming’s home “Goldeneye” in Jamaica

You Only Live Twice Cover

Cover of book Fleming gave to Jim Bond.

Book Inscribed By Fleming

Fleming’s inscription in the copy of the book he gave to Jim Bond

JB With Aston Martin



Jim Bond posing with “THE” Aston Martin DB5, in Pennsylvania is 1965.








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