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Jenn Lederer is a young woman who has learned an awful lot about life, and even more about the space on this planet she fills. The survivor of sexual abuse at the age of 12, Jenn suffered what no woman, let alone a child, should ever experience. A life damaging, despicable act that might not be as visible as a knife wound, but it cuts even deeper. It leaves the stench of evil and distrust hovering around women like Jenn, clouding her skies and haunting her dreams. But Jenn is a survivor and a woman who inspires other women, and she is a symbol of strength in the #metoo age. Jenn is more relevant today than at any time in her life because the pain she suffered has now bubbled to the surface across this planet, and Jenn holds the torch leading the way for others to follow. Jenn Lederer is a Motivational Comedian, Leadership Coach, and a mentor to the world, through social media, podcasts, vlogs, seminars and private tutorials. She coaches the art of self-confidence and helps creative entrepreneurs cultivate their unique power, perspective and impact on the world. Jenn will be the first to tell you that comedy is a great healer and through her Motivational Comedy her message is more palatable, more relatable and so much more fun. Jenn is articulate, enlightening, sharp witted and says what she’s thinking with gutsy honesty. Her mission is to make us all feel safe about who we are and what we do and how we do it.

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