Dec Cluskey Of 60’s UK Pop Group The Bachelors


Dec Cluskey was the founding member of the 60’s UK pop group “The Bachelors” along with his brother Con Cluskey and  John Stokes.  They formed their first band together in 1957: “The Harmonichords”  a classically styled instrumental harmonica-act. As the Harmonichords, they appeared on  on the ‘Ed Sullivan’ TV show St. Patrick’s Day special (filmed in Dublin, broadcast 15 March 1959), where they played “Danny Boy”. In 1960, they changed their name to the Bachelors at the suggestion of Dick Rowe, A&R at Decca Records, who reportedly recommended the name “because that’s the kind of boy a girl likes”.  During the 1960s they had many successful songs in music charts in Europe, Australia, South Africa, South America, parts of the USSR, and the United States. Some of the most successful were “Charmaine” (1963) “Diane” &” I Believe” (1964) “Ramona” &  “I Wouldn’t Trade You for the World” (1964)  “Marie” &  “In the Chapel in the Moonlight” (1965). The Bachelors were a staple of  British TV and appeared in several Royal Command Performances.

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Dec & Con (White)

Dec & Con


A Collage “Through The Years”


The Trio

The Early Bachelors



Simon Smith

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