Deborah Cantor UK TV Costume Designer & Wardrobe Stylist


Deborah Cantor has honed her craft as a costume designer and wardrobe stylist for two decades. Deb started out at British Vogue, Harpers and Queen UK  and my favourite US magazine Harpers Bazaar. Deborah then became a staff costumier at the BBC for 6 years and went on to become a highly respected and in-demand freelance designer and stylist for the major UK networks including the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky.  Deb now works with UK television’s elite celebs on high profile shows, dressing actors for a variety of looks which range from period pieces to reality series, and not only for on-camera work but also publicity and editorial shoots. She is a multi-tasker in one of the most frantically paced, and unpredictable careers on the planet.

Follow Deborah on Instagram: @deborahcantor


Ragged Cult Photo

Deb’s outfit at Ragged Cult Magazine Show at London Fashion Week

McQueen with Deb

Deb with personal stylist and shopper Maria Bellow, and fashion designer Gary James McQueen

McQueen Silk Scarf

A silk scarf from fashion designer Gary James McQueen’s Collection

Lady Gag Meat Dress

Lady Gaga in her meat dress

Jodie Kidd - E Type

Jodie Kidd

Rachel Stevens 1

Rachel Stevens

Rachel Stevens 2

Rachel Stevens

Big Narsty With Ed Sheeran

Big Narstie Show with Ed Sheeran (front left) Big Nastie (back left) and Mo Gilligan (back right)

Big Narsty Mo Train

Big Nasty Show’s “Mo Train” sketch

MO Gilligan

Mo Gilligan



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