Betsy Phillips SInger/Songwriter


Betsy Phillips is a singer/songwriter originally from Omaha, Nebraska. Instead of writing my own introduction to Betsy’s music, I found the same words and feelings I have for Betsy’s work, were already written beautifully by others. So here is an overview from essentially everybody, including me, who adores Betsy Phillips. Betsy’s voice is as serene and calming as the flatlands of her native midwest. Touched with a hint of sadness but an assurance that everything will be alright, Betsy’s’ voice is a manifestation of her steadfast and patient mindset. “I didn’t move to Nashville knowing how to write great songs, but I had decided that writing songs was something I was going to do, and something I was going to be good at.” Betsy says.


Photo: Ashton Paige

On her latest EP Like We’re Talking Betsy presents beautifully crafted songs layered with subtle, emotive electric guitar. Her voice takes centre stage, understated and yet immensely expressive. “I think there’s a certain happiness and pride in yourself, that you can take, when you’re using the voice you’ve been given.” she says. The feeling is contagious throughout the EP’s five tracks, and Betsy opens a magnificent window into her world, where nothing is rushed or taken for granted.

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Cover artwork by Charlotte Croy Hudson.

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