Anne Cecil “Fashion Matters”


This week’s show has my monthly co-host Anne Cecil. Anne normally struts the runway of fashion with our monthly feature Fashion Matters. But today we’re chucking normal out the window and we’re going to be our unplugged, un-normal selves. First let me  remind you that Anne has been a design thinker, innovator change agent and educator for nearly 3 decades. When the world was healthy, Anne lectured nationally and internationally on a variety of topics: Visual Merchandising, Popular Culture, Online Learning and Techno-stress. Anne’s entrepreneurial and creative endeavours include: ONO Made in the 191, a consultancy business that works with Independent Manufacturers and Retailers, to create and maintain sustainable business. And Roxanne Lava, Anne’s bespoke women’s shoe design company. Each month Anne presents Fashion Matters to focus on how Fashion touches our lives.

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Anne Cecil

Behnken, left, and Hurley

Astronauts (l) Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley

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Crew Dragon Spacecraft

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