Alex Kilbee Photographer & Youtube Photography Channel Host


Alex Kilbee is this weeks guest. The photography universe on YouTube is as overwhelming as walking into a camera store when progressing from an iPhone to a DSLR. But Alex has captured my attention and I eagerly await his videos each week. Most of the photography vloggers dazzle you with their fast paced, heavily edited, booming  music shows telling us all about the most amazing, very expensive equipment and gadgets on the market.  His weekly show The Photographic Eye is a breath of fresh air blowing in through the Youtube window. Alex is low key, personable, calm. He talks to us. Not down to us. And he doesn’t talk about cameras and lenses. He talks about his love and appreciation of photography and the great photographers who have their faces carved on his imagined Mount Rushmore. And it’s clear that Alex makes fresh discoveries about the people he shares with us in each show and he doesn’t even attempt to hide his enthusiasm. He shares it with us like a child offering a slice of his birthday cake.


Alex Youtube Channel:…

Alex’s Portrait Studio in the UK:

Liz O’Riordan (Breast Cancer Survivor & Lecturer):



Technikon Group Photo

Alex (circled)

Vee Speers Untitled #6

“Untitled #6” © Vee Speers

Alex Photo Of Morgan

Morgan © Alex Kilbee

Alex Photo Of Stephanie

Stephanie © Alex Kilbee

Candy Cigarette

“Candy Cigarette” © Sally Mann

Liz 1

Liz O’Riordan © Alex Kilbee

Liz 2

Liz O’Riordan © Alex Kilbee





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