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Camp Jeep is a full-size, live obstacle course that Jeep sets up at auto shows to let showgoers ride in the full line of Jeep models and feel, literally, the ability of Jeeps to deal with low-traction situations and off-road challenges. Our own Lauren Rebekka (a Jeep Renegade owner) visited the 2018 Philadelphia Auto Show specifically to experience the “Ride Of Her Life” in a variety of the vehicles Jeep had on hand,  to demonstrate their capabilities.  When one buys a Jeep, the dealership doesn’t have the ability to demonstrate the vehicle’s off-road handling capabilities, if they don’t have a challenging terrain close by (it’s not always quite that simple to move in a huge mountain or a meandering river alongside the local dealership). And so, the next best thing: Camp Jeep, which is now featured at auto shows,  reproduces the excitingly impossible natural terrains this planet chucks in our path to traverse.

But wait!!! There is another option.  Jeep owners, can get a serious taste of actual off-roading by attending regional Jeep Jamboree events. They can run their vehicles through streams, up and down steep, slick, hills, while middle fingering hillsides that tilt the vehicles at scary angles.  And no need to panic if you’re not a professional movie stunt person. There are off-road coaches to brief the drivers, so they can keep the shiny side up as they trek through woods or desert.  Jeep Jamborees have been hosted since 1953, when the Rubicon Trail took Jeep drivers through the forbidding terrain of the Sierra Nevada mountains on the border between California and Nevada.

Camp Jeep in it’s original “natural” habitat is a loyalty and recognition programme for Jeep owners, with 4X4 off-road activities, including a “bespoke” programme that you can tailor-make to suit your own tastes. For three quarters of a century, Jeep vehicles have been venturing where others still fear to tread. The iconic seven slot grill is an invitation to go further, to live larger and boldly explore our amazing world.  If you own a Jeep, get family members or friends to join you on an epic adventure.  If you don’t own a Jeep yet, find a friend who does,  and explore the capabilities of the vehicle in an idyllic setting; learn new skills for off-road driving; tackle the mud, the mounds and the mountains; meet fellow enthusiasts and have a great Jeep weekend, far from the madding crowd.  As far as I know, Jeep do not give complimentary car wash vouchers after off-tracking. But, should you take a friend along for the experience, their price of admission to your adventure is being delegated to soap and hose duties after the event.


Lauren Rebekka’s Camp Jeep Experience


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