Exposed By Silverstone


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Exposed by Silverstone focuses on portraits, fashion and “real life”  through the lens of Phillip’s camera.  He has an insatiable appetite for creative, edgy images with the model and the product, featured in the photo.

Phillip is also moved by social issues, and supports many causes especially those that give help to homeless veterans,  abused women and breast cancer. Photos relating to these issues will also be found in his photography in social media and in gallery exhibitions.

When on a photo shoot with a model, Phill attempts to capture a natural,  un-posed moment, rather than a choreographed “staged” image.  He particularly enjoys working with women and his intention is always to present them as strong, confident and independent.

The result melds Phill’s  social media presence with his  video and podcast shows since there is cross-referencing from all of his platforms.

Phillip is available for commissions and model portfolios. Phillip does not shoot social events such as weddings etc.

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