Will America Be Great Again For The First Time?


When you have to keep reminding people of a fact, most often it is to help you believe the fact or hope other people believe the fact. For example, if you truly love your spouse, it really isn’t necessary to tell the world how you have the best husband or wife in the world, as most people don’t give a crap and it suggests you might be having domestic issues. This preamble is merely employed to preface a question that has gnawed away at me for my entire life. Can somebody explain why leaders of this country have to continually use a propaganda ploy to convince both themselves and the population they govern so poorly, that this is: “The Greatest Nation On Earth”. Do gay people or transgender people believe this? Do Black people believe this? Do Hispanics believe this? Do inner city families grieving for the murder of loved ones believe this? Do people in Cherry Hill NJ who pay outrageous school taxes and have some of the largest potholes on the planet believe this? Do veterans of foreign wars with atrocious memories tattooed on their brain believe this as they go to sleep in shop doorways at night? Do people who have to decide between buying dinner or paying for a prescription believe this? A truly great nation doesn’t have to beat its chest and roar loudly constantly proclaiming its greatness. This absurd statement suggests that Britain and Australia and Canada and hundreds of other countries are not great. It is arrogant. It is obnoxious. It is tasteless. It is very depressing. And it is totally untrue. There is very little I admire about Donald Trump other than his exceptional business acumen, and his ability to seduce half of the country into his lair. But I do admire his recognition that this country is not great for many of the reasons I just mentioned. But he wants to make it great again. Im not sure it ever deserved the accolade of greatness except when it assisted the United Kingdom in its battle against Nazism. But I for one would love to see America great…for the first time in its history. And if achieving that idealistic goal is a genuine, honest objective by Mr. Trump then I am not ashamed or stupid enough not to help him realise his dream. However, that said, we have witnessed the #UKSpring and now we have experienced the #AmericanSpring…it’s the #FrenchSpring that troubles me even more than the aforementioned spring flings!



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