Purple Heart Red 2014 Salutes Our Veterans


Purple Heart Red 2014 (Approx $19.99) is a “cause-based” brand started by C. Mondavi & Family (Founder Peter Mondavi Sr. served his country in WWII) in collaboration with winemakers and veterans David Grega and Ray Coursen.  I recently received a bottle of this wine and was throughly impressed by the packaging (great label); the cause being served, and the nectar in the bottle. Rather than reinventing the wheel I have chosen to let the words of the winery, along with the winemakers’ notes speak for themselves. I concur with the winemakers’ observations on the description of the wine.  So, for the first time in my long career, I’m taking a back seat on this one, and letting you read about this wine from the people who produce it.  We have links below to the Foundation being supported, and to the website where you find a list of stores (stockiest, as I still call them) across the USA.  And given the entire concept from grape to consumer, to Vets in need of help, I’m astonished that the wine still gives us change for a $20 bill. I salute the C. Mondavi Family.

Some Facts:

George Washington: Created the precursor to the Purple Heart Medal on August 7, 1782 called the Badge of Military Merit.

Franklin D. Roosevelt: ordered that the Purple Heart Medal be awarded to all branches of service as well as veterans who have died.

John F. Kennedy: becomes the only president awarded the Purple Heart Medal on August 2, 1943. Ronald Reagan: allowed the Purple Heart Medal to be given to those wounded by terrorism.

Purple Heart Wines makes a generous annual donation to the Purple Heart Foundation, an organization dedicated to serving the unmet needs of military men, women and families. For over 50 years the Purple Heart Foundation has been supporting and honoring the sacrifice military veterans have made for our country. Last year alone, the foundation helped over 19,000 veterans secure over $300 million dollars in VA benefits with their professionally trained VA Service Officers. Only with your continued support will the Purple Heart Foundation be able to provide desperately needed programs to assist veterans with new Service Dogs, Educational Scholarships, resources to help cope with Post Traumatic Stress, and necessary funding for research to heal those suffering with Traumatic Brain Injuries.

For More Information and to find your local stockist  CLICK HERE


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