The JEEP Experience


Camp Jeep is a full-size, live obstacle course that Jeep sets up at auto shows to let showgoers ride in the full line of Jeep models and feel, literally, the ability of Jeeps to deal with low-traction situations and off-road challenges. Our own Lauren Rebekka (a Jeep Renegade owner) visited the 2018 Philadelphia Auto Show specifically […]

Julie’s Casual Coolness


____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ One glimpse of Julie and I immediately knew that she belonged on this page. She is a beautiful woman who exudes confidence in her simple, yet ultra cool styling. Her makeup works so brilliantly with her natural palette and her clothes are not wildly expensive, because when you understand who you are and the colours and styles that […]

Sandy K – Aldo Shoes & Accessories


I absolutely adore my shoes and accessories which I buy regularly at Aldo stores when I’m shopping in Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York. Their styling is superb and their prices are unbelievably affordable. So on my most recent visit I bought a watch ($40) and a set of 3 bracelets ($18 for the 3) […]

Anne Cecil’s Outfit Discussed On January 28th 2017 Show


As always the second feature on this weeks show is FASHION MATTERS presented by our shows fashion guru Anne Cecil. Anne discusses the clothes shown on this page in this weeks feature.                    

Alex Rocks His Style


It was a beautiful Autumnal morning in Haddonfield New Jersey, and Alex and his mum, KariAnn, walked past me and I did a double take. Alex dazzled me with his incredible sense of fashion. His own personal style that he wore with such confidence and ease. With camera at the ready I accosted mother and son, […]

Our Shows Fashion Guru, Anne Cecil


Anne Cecil is our shows fashion guru and she has been something of a mentor to me. She rekindled my love of fashion after it took an extended hiatus from my life…you know how it is “Life is What Happens To You While You’re Busy Making Other Plans“. And so my past 18 months transition […]

Tori’s Very Cool Style While Shopping At Trader Joes


I was enjoying my usual saunter down the aisles at my local branch of Trader Joes when I spotted Tori. I knew she was either a model or an actress or even both, and I was spot on as she is at college learning the craft of both professions, and, no surprises here, Tori has […]

Beauty And The Beach


While on holiday in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware I met two beautiful and charming young women who agreed to have their photographs taken so I could share their charismatic personalities with my audience. The camera loved them as I hope you do. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  Ekaterina Couldn’t resist taking a photo of the very pretty Ekaterina who is […]

Debbie’s Fun Outfit For The Market


I saw Debbie shopping in the supermarket today and approached her to let me take some photos because she clearly has a unique, confidence about her style. Style, as we all know is whatever makes you happy and whatever you are happy and comfortable wearing. Debbie would only tell me that she buys her clothes […]

Platos Closet


Lois is the owner of the Plato’s Closet franchise store in Paoli, Pennsylvania. The store sells gently worn fashion forward brand name clothes,  shoes and accessories for teens and twenty somethings! The fact that I’m 3 times the average customer’s age and buy many clothes in there proves that age limits for clothes are created in the mind […]