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Mark Is A Homeless Vet In NYC


I found this photo from a couple of years ago, which I thought had been posted on my website. I had a long conversation with Mark, whose home is a bustling sidewalk in Manhattan. Yet to the throngs of people who pass his “front door” he is invisible. He wasn’t invisible to the enemy he […]

A Bridge In Winter


      Took a short walk on this brisk day and decided to see if there was anything worth capturing through my camera lens. The result makes me feel a little like Thoreau although I know I wouldn’t survive happily in Walden.

The JEEP Experience


Camp Jeep is a full-size, live obstacle course that Jeep sets up at auto shows to let showgoers ride in the full line of Jeep models and feel, literally, the ability of Jeeps to deal with low-traction situations and off-road challenges. Our own Lauren Rebekka (a Jeep Renegade owner) visited the 2018 Philadelphia Auto Show specifically […]

A Flowers Beauty


          A flowers beauty doesn’t diminish with age it merely adopts an incomparable effulgence    

Something to WATCH For


              Skagen   I feel naked without my jewellery and especially without one of my many Skagen watches. This is probably my most favourite. Stylish, colourful and affordable.

Payton Jewelry Design


            I found some great designs from Kristi Payton who, with husband Sean, own Payton Jewelry Design. They are amazing artisans who work with wood and leather and stainless steel and enormous amounts of creativity. I’m wearing the yet unnamed, soon to be released, Fish Hook necklace ($40) and a […]

A Winter Beach Scene


                  After the party’s over and the crowds have long become a memory there is still a trace of last summer’s excesses

A Home For Philly’s Vets & Longer Leaner Body Fashion Tips & Hail Caesar Review


A Home For Philly’s Vets & Longer Leaner Body Fashion Tips & Hail Caesar Review

Christopher, Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, January 27th 2016


                I walked past Christopher playing to an audience who gave him a wide berth as they tried to avoid making eye contact with him so they wouldn’t feel obligated to throw money into his cardboard box. His music wasn’t the best I’ve heard, but the effort he […]