Platos Closet


Lois is the owner of the Plato’s Closet franchise store in Paoli, Pennsylvania. The store sells gently worn fashion forward brand name clothes,  shoes and accessories for teens and twenty somethings! The fact that I’m 3 times the average customer’s age and buy many clothes in there proves that age limits for clothes are created in the mind […]

It’s All About The Accessories



Fashionista In A Doctor’s Office


I was visiting my amazing neurologist Bruce Grossinger today in Essington, PA for an evaluation, after my second accident, and subsequent headaches etc when he suddenly stepped towards me brandishing a syringe. “Where the %$^* do you intend inserting that?” I said “Into 2 places in the back of your head” He responded, and before […]

Pink Hair & A Great Outfit


      Rin Barton is a shopkeeper in Goorin Brothers Hat Shop in Philadelphia. I think she exudes a wonderful self assured flair for style which she wears with confidence.     Goorin Brothers Hat Shop 1427 Walnut Street, Philadelphia 215 665 1895 Website: CLICK HERE    

Into Summer With Julian Chang Top


            Linda Joyce wearing a top by recent guest, Florida based, celebrity designer, Julian Chang Hat by BCB Generation from Nordstrom. Bracelet by Barb Gough Thompson at Shecre8s.

Main Line Chic


I spotted Anna today getting into her car in a small town in Philadelphia’s affluent Main Line area. Anna wore her outfit with so much confidence, and looked so amazing with her chic style that I HAD to share her deliciously unique outfit with you. And, kudos to Anna, that despite the career she enjoys in this often conservative, once old moneyed, upmarket […]

Beautiful Eyewear & Necklace


On a recent visit to the Philadelphia Museum Of Art, Linda and I fell head over heals in love with some simple yet sophisticated art. It wasn’t hanging on the walls. It was displayed downstairs in the Museum’s upmarket gift store. Clean lines and a seeming simplicity define jewelry made by Laurette O’Neil and her […]

Perfect For Summer – Healthy Back Bag® by Ameribag


My daughter is loving her Healthy Back Bag® by Ameribag Because it molds to the shape of your spine, and minimizes the strain on your back, neck and shoulders, she says it is the most comfortable bag she has ever owned. And because of the inside and outside pockets she has enough space for college […]

PIERO GUIDI – An Italian Artisans Handbags Now In New York


If you’re going to New York you MUST visit the absolutely amazing  PIERO GUIDI store, with, in my opinion, the most beautiful bags from Italy. My wife adores her Piero Guidi bag and wears it both to work and socially.   Here is what Piero Guidi writes: “Love is the spirit behind my brand, Piero Guidi  “Angeli […]

Shecre8s Repurposed Silverware Into Jewellery


Barb and George Thompson are ridiculously talented people. They repurpose antique silverware and jewellery, and create whimsical sculptures, and the most unique wearable and functional art. My wife and I own several items created by these brilliant artists who have recycled  and repurposed objects which might otherwise be discarded. Antique, broken, vintage silverware and jewellery […]